On March 21, international poetry day, the European Poetry Slam Championship had to come to Italy, but due to the government decision, we had to cancel it. But our sharing nature can’t easily accept this setback and brought us to take action in order to raise awareness on COVID-19, so we’re organizing a 24 hours poetry event online, on youtube and facebook, to help as much as we can the people suffering from this virus. Linked to the livestream you’ll find everything you need to donate for this cause.

Thanks to zampediverse, that will the streaming happen, from 00 to 24 GMT+1 Simone Savogin will host poets from all around the world in a livestream on youtube and facebook, with special events and guests. The setlist is done and we're superhappy to host such wonderful artists.

We had a worldwide participation, so we don’t think there’s no need to state that this is a spontaneous and charity project, and not a “hip place to be”, getting everybody on board has been difficult, we did what we could to include as many poets as possible, but if you didn't make it to the livestream, you can participate doing something else. (you can find all the instructions here)

What you need to be part of this? A poem and a smartphone.

When available, you can use a nicer camera and microphone, so that everyone can enjoy you better. The setlist will be updated frequently!