Your response was amazing, so we decided to give the chance to whoever won’t make to the livestream, to help us fill this fundraising of poetry: send us a video with one poem, to this address, with this (and only this) object: VIDEO for IPM2020 – poetry against covid-19 (if the file’s too big, just use wetransfer) so that we can upload it on the LIPS – Italian Poetry Slam League youtube channel.

If you want to create your own livestream, you can download OBS studio, a free software for hosting your own livestream online. So you can organize side events, in order to gather all the people that couldn’t fit in our timetable.

Once you know what you’ll be doing for the International Poetry Day, let us know here, so that, during our show, we’ll be able to share it and tell all interested people to follow you.

The livestream will be on Simone Savogin‘s youtube channel and on the LIPS – Italian Poetry Slam League facebook page.